Martin Westman

Exploit Research Manager @ MSAB

Martin Westman


Safer than the Bank

”How come I can break into a bank in a day and steal all the money, but it takes me 6 months to break into a mobile phone?” was a very valid question from one of our researchers, and on that theme I will talk about the security mechanism within android and how they have evolved from a simple password in an non encrypted environment to today's file based encryption with TEE’s and Secure Enclaves.


Martin Westman has worked in the mobile device technology field since 1994 and is currently working as Exploit Research Manager for MSAB. With a long history in the mobile arena, he can share tales all the way from being part of creating Bluetooth to life where mobile surfing in 14.4 Kbit/s speed was mind blowing. He is part of the Interpol Digital Forensics Expert Group and has on several occasions, assisted law enforcement and government agencies in successfully acquiring mobile data from challenging and complex high-profile cases to support major investigations. Martin is also the first known individual that have done a solar powered chip-off. Once in Nevada he used a magnifying glass and successfully lifted the chip of an USB drive and dumped the data to recover deleted artifacts.